Feeling low and alone pushing everyone away feel that they'd all be better off without me! I'm miserable to be around and know it but can't seem to snap myself out of it! Had people staying for whole of Xmas and new year(17 days) hosted for all of it fetched carried etc now returned to work I feel knackard and numb, worrying about symptoms of twitching and aching etc . Any advice truly welcome thank you x


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  • Hi there, sounds like you are totally worn out with the events of Christmas etc. Are you suffering from any other symptoms at all?

  • hi there i know what your saying and going through, but one thing i'll say is your not on your own and there are people on here that can help, i'm here to help you like many have helped me and i've helped them. so don't think your a lone you have friends that can and will help take care you know where i am Alan xx

  • Hi. Sorry to read of your distress. I am not surprised you feel a bit down after all that work over the holiday. The fact that you did it at all says a lot about you, and you should feel proud of yourself for managing all of that, continuing to go to work and having anxiety disorder too.

    Who are these people who would be better off without you? Is that what they said to you? I am guessing not. Your words have the definite ring of depression and low self esteem about them. Both of those are very understandable given that you are probably exhausted, not to mention having to deal with an illness. NO ONE is better off without you my friend. I am sure that many people would be devastated if anything happened to you - not to mention people like us on here who would miss getting to know you. So lets lay that self-loathing feeling aside and forget it.

    The nature of your illness is that it will try to bring you down by whatever means it can - and that usually means through health issues. I understand very well the feeling that you might just as well give up or that something really bad is going to happen. Of course, it never does - because we are being fooled into that thinking by the anxiety.

    WE can develop techniques for avoiding the attacks , we can learn methods of relaxation, we might take medication sometimes, we might go to therapy sometimes. But what we also have is understanding and support from our friends on here, and that is vital in our recovery. I hope that you feel better soon.


  • Thank you for your kindness and taking the time to respond x

  • Thats such a lovely response karl. It helped me as well tonight. Thank you

    Louise x

  • And thank you too Louise. I am glad that you felt a bit better.

    Karl x

  • Youre not alone in your feelings. Try get some rest if you can. Youre allowed to be tired after all that work. X

  • We are all family in this life, & you reaching out to us. We will support you, & you can not drive us away! Well me. I never know what someone is going through so when they vent to me. I don't take it personal! I was a waitress, when Co worker wld yell towards me, I wld just say. Are you done? I didn't take any of that personal because we were physically demanding . Then I wld give my Co worker a hug, or times I wld come in to work ,& tell my Co workers I serouisly need a hug right now! I will pray for you!

  • Thank you all ! Some truly lovely people on here with kind words that have really boosted me this morning thank you and happy Friday !! Xx

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