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weird feeling/dread/doom ??

i keep getting this weird feeling like it totally puts me on edge makes me hate where i stay makes me feel weird its like a bad gut feeling that imma die or something bad will happen soon its a horrible ugly feeling i get it most days for hours and hours without anxiety symptoms ? could this be anxiety or depression ? or what... im 21 i had depression last year at this time of year and i had that feeling then aswell and i noticed it came back in the winter again im not sure exzactly what it is but i makes me feel helpless and hopeless 😔

caitlin x

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I feel the same way but latelyit feels like anxiety is an everyday thing to me i haet it its controlling my life and my mind. Dont you just sit there and all of a sudden this Fear or terror kicksin like something is coming to get you and you get up and feel like your going crazy? I do. Itsa Very awful Illness.

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anxiety can be a symptom of depression and vice versa. there is something called seasonal affected disorder (SAD) and it could be what you are dealing with. it seems to affect people during certain times of the year. i dont know much else about it but you should look it up and compare your symptoms. anxiety could be related to it which could explain your fear that something bad is going to happen.

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