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Atrial flutter

Hi all. Firstly thank you to each and everyone that's helped and pushed me since my diagnosis of atrial flutter a month ago. So glad I found such positive people.

I had my blood report back from my cardiologist this morning and looks quite positive.

My haemoglobin was normal reading ( 143 g/l ). So my red cells carrying oxygen are fine. My white cell and platelet count were normal also. The good thing is my baseline clotting studies were normal too.

Lastly my Kidney, thyroid, calcium and thyroid tests were all normal.

He said they were generally reassuring and I feel so much happier.

I'm supposed to up my bios from 1.25 to 2.5mg but will hold back until I see him on the 21st of this month and tired on the low dose plus I have an ear infection at the moment.

Thank you everyone for your time as it's all still so new to me and I've been a little less anxious too the last couple of days.


Vicky x

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