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These feeling are taking over my life

Where do I start, well anxiety is well and truely taking over my life mentally and physically, I can't do anything without having anxious feelings and physical symptoms which are scary and make me feel really uneasy, last night I typically went out with my boyfriend to celebrate New Year's Eve and I drank a good amount and I suffer terrible the next day after drinking, I get lightheaded and my insides just feel jittery and shakey I just have really scary feelings, I woke up and I felt OK better then usual but threw out the day it got worse, I'm now lieing in bed feeling weak and my belly has an anxious feelings and my breathings feeling really weak and horrible I'm just so scared I convince myself it's just my anxiety but I'm so fed up of feeling this way I'm 19 I should be enjoying myself!

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I get the same when I drink, the key is moderation.

Best advice I can give is to see a councillor if you are not already, believe me I wasted 15 years of my life thinking nothing could help me, now im finally starting to get things together with the help of my shrink and I regret not doing it sooner :)


alcohol can make anxiety worse for some people. have you been to a psychiatrist about the anxiety? id advise you to get a check up. if everything turns out ok and if anxiety is the root of your issues then dont rely on your regular doctor for this....ask him to refer you to a psychiatrist that specializes in anxiety. most regular doctors will only give you anxiety meds and send you on your way...a psychiatrist will help you deal with the root of the problem. good luck. :)


I know EXACTLY how you feel! urggh anxiety is SUCH a sh*t xxx


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