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Do you do any exercise or any sport ?


I found it really hard to exercise or to play any sport with this anxiety and panic disorder . I woke up this morning and i felt good so i decided to put some music on, dance and after that i tried to exercise, i feel okay after the next 15 min i feel kinda anxious so i stop the exercise and rest i found myself hard to breath . I really don't know what's wrong :( I've done all the cardiologic tests (ECG, blood test, treadmill test) and all came back normal . Is it really anxiety or something wrong with my body ? :(

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Try to exercise through the anxious feeling. Your body will create endorphins and this will in turn help your anxiety. Being out of breath is normal. I go to the gym a lot and I'm always out of breath. It means your lungs are working hard and so are you. Just don't push it too hard to start with. A bit a day will help. Remember to always warm up properly and stretch off and cool down afterwards.

It's brilliant you felt happy enough to put on music and dance! That's so positive xx

Although my COPD is usually my main concern, over the last few weeks I've been aware of my panic attacks becoming more frequent, almost daily followed by crying;! How pathetic ! I just can't get a grip and it is so unlike me. I put some of it down to living alone now and can't cope on my own. I'm not very good company. So I do understand your plight. Panic attacks are just the WORST thing and they can come at any time. I hope you are going to feel much better shortly.

No, your getting anxious. Getting out of breath after exercise is normal. Especially, if like me, you aren't doing much. Doing a bit of dancing around is a great idea. you can do that anytime and for as long as you want.


Hi: Give yourself credit for turning on the music and dancing and exercising and then the "anxiety bully" reared it's ugly head. :(

The normal feeling of breathing a little heavy after exercising reminded you of that

"kinda anxious" sensation. The next time you might want to check your breathing when dancing or exercising. (make sure you are not holding your breathe) go with the flow and enjoy.

I can say this because I find myself holding my breathe when I go up and down steps.

I want to think this is good exercise but panic when I get a little out of breathe.

"Odd but true" Good Luck Dealara.

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