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Does anyone else's muscles feel stiff with dp/dr?

Sometimes my muscles get so stiff I can barely move. Especially the muscles in my face, neck, and upper arms. I also get a weird taste in my throat. When this happens my derealisation gets 100x worse. I don't know if they're related, but when it happens it feels like I can't use my mind or my body and I'm really sick or going to die or something.

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personally I'd suggest that you get your B12 and folate levels checked.

This is a link to the symptoms of B12 deficiency


it may not be and getting a proper diagnosis of B12 deficiency can be very difficult because the tests aren't as conclusive as the GPs think they are.


Hi someone: That's what I have been going through for the past week. Muscles are so stiff all over. I also get a metallic taste at the back of my tongue. Gee, the derealization is there as well. I can't seem to function because my body won't let me and my mind get antsy. Hmmm

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My lower back....and especially my neck....tension seems to rest in the head and neck area.....making things really uncomfortable....and should one complain.....your seen as weak or imagining it all.....stigma! Heat in one form or another seems to help a great deal.....and some relaxing herbal teas.....


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