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So I'm doing shopping nothing much to stress me about when I suddenly feel this rush going through my body. My head feels like needles and pins, I feel dizzy blurred vision like I want to faint. I'm thinking og goodness am I going to die now in this mall.? I feel totally disorientated! I look at my husband and he immediately picks up...and says its okay deep breath and hugs me...

I feel better after a while.

I totally hate this feeling.

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Hey I get this I made a post yesterday it's hard to describe I went for cbt and I asked my therapist she said it's called derealisation but didn't say much more about it other than its common with anxiety and that she'll talk about it next time which is today! I had it yesterday for most of the day until I had a lie down.. I hate this feeling to its horrible!! X


Hi jess

Sorry to hear you suffer from this aswell but just knowing that I'm not crazy or have this unexplained illness helps a lot. We all get some comfort from some one on this forum who experiences the same symptoms.


It's horrible isn't it I have health anxiety so instantly I feel that I have a brain tumour or something 🙈 But I'm trying not to think like that if I get it I have some water or a lie down and I'll feel fine after! It's good to know that I'm not alone but it's not good that any of us feel like this 😌 I'd love it to just end!! X


Yeah I think that as well I am stuck on it's my heart even though I have been through all the test to clear me from any heart issues. I have a phobia of taking any medication as well had a bad experience once and now I struggle with taking anything I get anxiety from just takingmeds

I don't use any prescription medication rather herbal but these days even herbal meds scare me


I'm scared to take tablets too only since this anxiety started tho I brought some neurofen plus read the side effects and it scared the shit out of me 🙈 In my anxiety mind I had a heart attack last week but I'm still here so I'm sure it was just a stupid pain for some reason!! Does herbal work? xx


Oh wow it's in couraging to know even though it's bad and heart breaking that you too suffer like I do but just to hear that you suffer how I suffer day by day makes me believe that anxiety has so much power over our minds and fear well tgata just it's strongest weapon.

At this moment I'm using gaba with L- theanine but let me add I'm trying because I've done so much research that I'm still thinking lol ( fearing ) the meds but its all natural. I also drink a cub of camomile tea at night and that defenitely helps. A bath of epson salt and lavender oil really seems to help with the muscle aches and pains... its just when I wake up the first thing I think is anxiety and whats going to happen in this day even when I have a good say u would question myself saying...whats wrong I feel normal and than boom its back. Such a vicious cycle.


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