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Always clearing!!


Always having to clear my throat, and I hate it....why would this be the case of anixty can it do this to us?

And feeling nervous about my breathing because it's hard to take a breath in and when I do I feel chokey as anything..can anixty also cause breathing problems?

Can it also change the sound of your voice?

Can't wait till I beat this, but sometimes I think there's no way out, but I suspose that's just the depression/anixty speaking for me,

I'm swallowing my salvia and on the right side of my feels like a hair ball is stuck, all agitated, and feeling a bit drained, I'm keeping calm atm, and I'll keep use all posted how I got on tonight.

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You could have silent reflux. Those are the main symptoms

Shiann123 in reply to Hairclips

I have GERD, but like on the right side below my Adam apple there's always a choking and breathless feeling and it's so scary, don't know how longer I can deal with this.

According to my consultant,yes anxiety does cause breathing problems (a feeling of not getting enough from the inhaler) which is not so apparent to the patient.And also inhalers do change your voice on occasions,but not every time inhalers are used!

I don't use inhalers, but constant feel like something stuck in my throat..

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