Hi everyone.Does anyone else suffer from a coated tongue and dry mouth with anxiety? Mine is coated and gets worse the more anxious I get its awful.Been to the docs about it as I freak about anything unusual and he has reassured me just wondering if anyone else gets it and how they control it.I use a tongue scraper on mine and I am constantly sucking mints or chewing gum


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  • I have a dry mouth and funny taste sensations! Constantly feel like my breath smells,but i dont eat or drink properly because i feel sick alot of the time!

  • Hi Kitty thanks for the reply I dont have the taste sensations but my tongue is very sensitive think it is because I got OCD with the coating and was scraping and checking it at least 50 times a day.Dont do it as much now but its one of my checking things.

  • Dry mouth and keep peeing (or feeling like I want to pee) are my main things when I get very anxious.

  • can relate to the toilet one Im always there when anxious

  • Yup to the peeing thing!.. As for the dry mouth, I don't get that so much these days but I used to, every time I had a full blown attack my mouth would turn to sandpaper. Nowadays I sometimes get that horrid metal taste going on, so I just chew gum and try to ignore it till it goes away. Scraping your tongue continuously will make it feel worse and thus it becomes self perpetuating and an actual physical annoyance.. If you've had it checked out for thrush etc and your all clear.. then continue with the mints, gum etc.drink plenty of water..whatever helps you and accept that this is the way it is for now. You may find that once you stop worrying over it so much it will fade away :) ..

  • Hi thank you for the advice,I get the metal taste often also.I dont check or scrape as often now as I know I have probably done more damage to it.

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