does anyone elseen find their memory really bad? I always worry about it so much. sometimes when I'm in ano anxious moment I can literally forget things that I just said. I'm now working in a totally different career and there's a lot to learn. I don't remember everything and I don't know whether I'm being too hard on myself for it but it's really getting to me. my boyfriend is getting sick of me coming home panicking or crying. are there any tips to help me relax?


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  • Yes especially when I'm stressed or panicking. I think that's natural. Writing things down would probably help and maybe then you wouldn't be so anxious.

  • yeah I just find that I forget the tiniest things. I noticed today that I seem to concentrate on too many things at once. like I went outside today to move a customers car and put the documents needed in the glove box etc but also while I thought about it I got 2 more sets of keys and moved 2 new cars around. which doesn't sound much but it kind of distracts me from what I went out there to do initially. I don't know how to get around it haha I really enjoy my job but if I keep making these mistakes and forgetting things I'll have to leave

  • Yoga

  • I understand completely, my memory has become awful. it has even gotten to the point where I lift my keys, put them down and almost immediately I do not know where I put them and try look for them.

    I feel it impacts my job too and causes me a lot of stress. my doctor said it is a side effect to my medication and is accelerated when I stress or worry. I'm sorry I can offer you anymore peace other than that you are not alone in your experience.

  • My Memory is Shot especially during stressful times.

  • I deal with this too. I think because our mind is always focused on worrying thoughts we don't really focus on the present and what we are taking in. When my anxiety gets bad my short term memory is horrible.

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