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Health anxiety


I'm new on here and only just been diagnosed with health anxiety.II'm not anxious over myself it's my daughter.

At the moment I'm finding everything overwhelming every little thing I always think it's going to be worse

 I just want to cry 

I'm awaiting my first councillors appointment

Just curious if there is anyone else with something similar and what you do to overcome these fears 

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Hi Emsop,

So sorry you are having a tough time lately.

I've been there, and still am at times. My daughter had a tough time settling at uni a few years ago and the number of times I've raced up and down the motorway to calm her and myself is ridiculous.

It was a tough time, but all's ended well and I realise now it would have done anyway, without my panicky visits.

My son is having a tough time settling now at uni, but this time I am supporting by phone, or bringing him home for a few days if necessary. This will also work its way out.

I've joined this forum because it's my son who we think suffers from GAD, so I'm keeping an eye on posts for advice on ways to help him.

But meanwhile, any support I can provide is there for you.

I've spent many sleepless nights for nothing. I know how real the stress becomes, but please be assured, it really is ok. Time passes, and the imagined outcomes very rarely happen.

Keep as busy as you can, don't allow your thoughts to run away with you, relax and look after yourself. Be there to provide the support as needed. The advice I am giving my son at present is to deal with one issue at a time, not to try and deal with all at once, that is overwhelming. Allot each issue a day and or time to deal with it and then shelve that issue til the next time it's allotted comes along.

This may help I hope so, if you wish to come back to me.

Take care Janet

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Well I've realized my anxious thoughts can make me sick. But I'm the one feeling anxious and creating the sick feelings.  It's a retarded cycle.  But it is known that stress can weaken your immune system, so I'm now pushing every little headache, body ache aside and understanding my anxious thinking is causing these tensions inside. I actually feel silly knowing I'm making myself sick.  ; (.  Besides I've had plenty visits with doc, scans and blood tests that showed up healthy.  I'm my own enemy, and I've created the anxiety within me.  Now it's just been a slow but steady trip in learning how to rewire my thinking.  


I have this same problem!! Ugh

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Scorpio71, Are you going through Health Anxiety Issues due to a child or family member who is ill?


No- we have have had some really bad things happen to our family for a while. It was like a bad streak of things out of our control. Now that everything is going well- for some reason- my anxiety comes out with my health. I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop- like I'll die soon or something

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Oh I am so sorry Scorpio71. It's understandable after what you have gone through to feel uneasy about something else happening. However you need to replace that negative thought with a positive one in that the bad streak is over. Period. Not waiting for the other shoe to drop. By doing that it continues the cycle of fear in you. Practice positive affirmations that will help your mind set. Stay strong, stay positive. x


Thanks for the replies

I am ffinding everything difficult atm so reached out to.the samartins maybe it's worth trying? 


Hi again, you need to do whatever you need to do to get you through the worst. Sorry I only just picked this up. I'm afraid I'm not usually online so late at night.

Janet x


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