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Help please

I'm really struggling at the moment with this health anxiety. I hate the way every ache or pain has to b something bad. I've had a pain in my leg all day and have managed to convince myself it a clot and on top of all that I'm lying here in bed with bad palpitations afraid to go to sleep. This fear is crippling me . I have had so many ecgs on heart and all normal blood pressure always normal aswell. I ended up in a&e Tuesday over chest pain again and everything came back fine I also said it to the a&e doctor about my leg and she squeezed it and said it wasn't a clot but muscle pain but for some reason I can't accept that and this is where I struggle the most I start doubting what the doctors say . It is ruining my life and my Xmas. Palpitations scare me and the thought I have a clot scares me aswell. I've had 2 panic attacks already today and I'm feeling out of sorts tonight. Can anyone help me please. X

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Are you n anti anxiety tablets? If not talk to your doctor about them.


I feel the same as you. Really is hard. Right now I feel sick dizzy n like I can't breath really faint etc. Getting enough sleep is important. I'm on tablets that take the edge off.


I went to the doctors for blood testing for a blood clot and believe me after getting stabbed 6 times in the arm the tests were worth it when they came back negative

I'm still scared but now it's not because of that. I hope you eventually realize you're okay because I know how you feel


I had this same worry last month agter being on a plane and having leg pain. I was convinced that I for sure had sure that I bought and ordered my own blood tests online after my doc wouldn't because he thought the negative ultrasound I had gotten was a reliable result. It's crazy what our anxiety will lead us to believe. Hang in there


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