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hi not posted for a bit just wondering how is everyone feeling

i am feeling pretty good for one just the same eye issues ther alaways worse when i am rough i am one of them people what tend to worry alot and also fixsate on things it does mt head one thing after another just wish i ud stop feeling sik and the edgeyness does my head into i have been through alot in life for such a young lad i remeber when i used to love life and was sure everyone liked me but now i dont thing they do all beause of anxiety does my head in just a little rant hope u all good

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Hello John

Nice of you to ask how everyone is :-)

Try and put the eye thing to one side you are going to be if not already Santa to that beautiful Daughter you have been blessed with for the first time ever :-)

Even though I am not a Doctor you have been checked out and I am sure something more would have happened by now if it was anything serious , you may just have to try & accept and live with it and if you do you also may find it then goes

Have a lovely Christmas , look after that little family and don't go over the top with the drink :-/

I also wish you all the Best for 2016 :-)

Take Care x

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It will get better. I used to enjoy life too but anxiety has stopped me from living a normal life, I hardly do anything anymore but sometimes you just have to enjoy the little things. I slept funny and my neck is kinked and stiff and ive been fixated on it all day its causing me extra anxiety! so annoying!!!

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