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Bad cough wont go away!

I had this cough about 3 weeks now and i tried everything for it to go away. But it wont go away. My chest is even wheezing. Should i be worried? I dont smoke and im 21yrs old! Im thinking if this cough isnt gone bye first of the year then im going to the er. Im so sick and tired of thks cough and sometimes i have a hard time breathing and all i have is an inhaler. Its so annoying. I just want it gone asap!

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Yes, any cough that lasts longer than 3 weeks needs to be looked at by a Doctor. Please go and get it checked out and treated.


There's a virus going round here (SE England) with a dry cough, feeling sort-of travel sick in the stomach, half a cold and vaguely sore throat - or permutations of that - which hangs on forever. It comes and goes. You feel you've shaken it and back it comes.

I've had it on and off for a month and one friend for eight weeks.


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