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In October this year I went trick or treating with my daughter I couldn't breath well so I ended up in the er. I had anemia also low potassium so they gave me some potassium also anemia pills. I went home feeling ok but the next day I was filled with nerves felt like I needed to run or something I couldn't catch my breath it was overwhelming. I can't stop feeling sick every day don't go any where now and fear I can't breath my brain feels I don't get enough oxygen to my brain. My family thinks I am crazy to shake it off. I been to the er four times and everything is fine please let me know how to get better so scary.


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  • I understand what you mean by you feel like there is no oxygen to your brain and it is such a scary feeling. I get this nearly every other day :(

  • How do you cope with this every day? I just stay in my room I am so scared to go out have fun its terrible my poor daughter don't understand she feels sad I just need to find something that will work to set me back to normal.

  • I am going threw the same thing i went to the er multiple times and the first time they said my potassium was low and gave me the pills. But that didnt kick the cant breath and thought you were just going to loose but then i went to the fasmily doc told her exactly what was going on. Then we decided to trie meds to help realse the serotonin in the brain to control those thoughts anf feelings. But it came with sideeffects that have past. But know i've been doing good on them. So bottom line stay positive and maybe talk to your doc. O and your not crazy trust me. Well good luck.

  • Thank you so much I am going to the Dr. Tomorrow so I think its time to try pills so I can live life again

  • Go to your doc, tell him and perhaps you'll get blood test. No other suggestions otherwise. Your own doc is best person to talk to!

  • Best answer to all of you is go to your own docs, not breathing is not funny - it kills you!

    Also look on Wikipedia under your own separate symptoms, see if there are links between any of them!

  • Did they investigate the cause of the anemia and low potassium? Did they happen to check for other deficiencies or run other tests?

    When I was anemic I was very short of breath. I was literally gasping for air every few seconds. The feeling of not getting enough air made me feel panicky. I had all sorts of mood swings too. I could barely walk around the block or sit upright. I had palpitations too.

    Not all anxiety is purely emotional. You'd be surprised how much physical conditions can cause mood problems. If a physical condition is driving anxiety, then antidepressants will be a bandaid.

    Perhaps you could get a full physical?

  • I plan on a full physical just to make sure all is well thank you so much for all your insight.

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