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HA Anxiety!!!

Hello everyone! It all started on June 13th I felt as though I was getting a UTI so I went to the clinic and they prescribed me anabiotic's . Then by Sunday someone called me from the clinic and told me to stop talking the anabiotic because no bacteria was growing. The next day I came down with a fever . I went to the er and they ran tests on me . They did a CT scan and I have gall stones that are not affecting me and a small kidney stone as well also I had Mesenteric adenitis . They said it was due to a infection and should clear up within 2 or 3 weeks . I have seen my doctor 3 times I haven't had a fever in almost 3 weeks but my stomach still feels upset. I'm scared to have a bowel movement in fear it still will be abnormal. I have been to the er 7 times ! Thinking I have the worst possible disease . All the doctors keep reassuring me that that I'm fine . I can't sleep at night ! I'm shaking, dry mouth not wanting to eat . I feel so weak and dizzy. My doctor prescribed me lexapro . And on day 2 woke up having diarrhea and a bad panic attack . I went to the er at 3 am . I couldn't stay seated. They ran more tests and everything came back normal. They think I might have IBS and of course my anxiety is connected to my gut issue. I keep thinking I shouldn't be enjoying anything because I'm sick . I really don't know what to do . I feel so helpless. I went to two different emergency rooms in the same day thinking one doctor might have missed something. This is affecting my home life in a major way . Everytime my stomach makes a sound I get scared . I have also experienced some burning in my arms and my chest . And I felt as though my body was poisoning itself and I needed to get to the emergency room before I died . I have lost weight I can't go on like this !

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I'm sorry to hear this. This is happening to me too kinda. This week I keep thinking I have the hantavirus. I know its rare and I feel crazy but I just want to get better I'm driving myself crazy

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I am too 😞 I really want to get back to feeling like myself again. I'm sorry you feel the same way I do . I hope we can find some relief soon .


JoMarie5 it sound like you have anxiety Hun, I've suffered all of these symptoms and I know it's not nice but they will pass !! It's all in your head and you have to tell your brain that it's anxiety and nothing is going to happen to you.

It's taken me a long time to accept that everything that I feel in my body is anxiety and nothing bad will happen, I do breathing excersises and they now pass very quickly 😊

It also sounds like you have health anxiety too .

I lost a stone due to not eating as I felt really sick , but try and eat small amounts like a mashed up banana or a mango, sip soup, but most of all always have a bottle of cold water by your side as this helps immensely . You may be dizzy due to not eating .

Good luck and keep me updated how you are getting on

Take care and I'm always here if you need to chat x


Thank you so much it really means a lot. I'm just so scared. I'm trying to eat but it's hard.


JoMarie5 I know you are scared, I was too !!

But please eat !!! It will give you energy and make you feel a lot better, I lived off complan drinks which are filled with every thing your body needs while you are not eating. Also I drank ( and still do at times ) lucozade , and sip that cold water !!! Lol being dehydrated can make you feel ten times worse 💞

Keep chatting to me so I can check how you are doing x


Thank you for being so kind . I am eating a little bit . But I feel like I'm dying. I have never felt like this in my life. I have a 4 year old little girl and she is my life . I feel like my doctor is going to tell me I'm sick and I will have to tell my family I told you ! But I don't want that tone be the out come . How long did it take you to start eating good again? It's almost like I can't tell the feeling of being hungry or nauseous .

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Your energy levels are so low and that will not help matters, you are not sick, there is nothing wrong with you !!

Keep telling yourself that , I know it's hard but you really need to try .

I couldn't eat properly for about two months, but I got a lot better at eating after that !!

Are you on medication for your Anxiety ?

I'm on sertraline ( 50mg) and it's helped me a great deal.

Also get hold a copy of "the worry trick " it's a really helpful book xx

Hope all this is helping 😉💞


Thanks so much ! It feels good to know someone went through the same thing. For some reason I feel like I'm snapping out of it . I ate !!! 3 street tacos 🌮 They were so good . Hopefully my stomach doesn't get upset. I also hope that I can sleep through the night. I went swimming today with my daughter, mother in law and sister in law. It was very relaxing. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you! ((Hugs))


JoMarie5 oh wow that's really good to hear that you have eaten and been able to go swimming !! Well done 👏🏻 Excersises is a great way to combat our anxiety !!

It's lovely for your family to see you doing normal things that at times you didn't think possible X

Keep it up and keep me posted X


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