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eye pain??

I just had a panic attack, complete with thinking what I'm seeing isn't real, not being able to grasp my breathing, and feeling like I was going to faint. Afterword, I went to watch TV with my family and then my eye started hurting badly. Sort of like if you put ice on your eye and then wait for the coldness to go away. the soreness after that feels like what I am now. did I burst a vessel or something??

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I've had this when I was going through a bad phase of anxiety a few months ago it followed by a migraine I had for a few days, try to relax easier said than done I no xx


Hi. I feel the same way after an anxiety attack. I feel like during my attack my eyes especially my right eye is going close without my control! It is very scary and I feel like I'm going to die. But with therapy I know it's just my stressed out pshyce (mind) spilling physical symptom into my body. I've had this since I was 6 years old. And yes praying DOES help me cope. I know through therapy my anxiety attacks are my coping mechanism for an abusive childhood and the domestic violence relationship I was in for over 20years. Knowing there are other people going through this who truly understand, has helped me so much. I now have a positive focus when I'm in the middle of an attack, a focAL point, like I look at and hold my dog, I look at the trees, or I look at my music or start playing it when it happens. All my labs are normal, ekg's normal, so I know it will take a lot of faith to get through this. I pray for you too, and everyone suffering from this.


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