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Help Please?


I am unsure where to begin really....

Recently I think I have been suffering from depression/anxiety because all I seem to do is cry and its all over silly little things!

Normally I am a strong person who has my own way of dealing with things, when something bad happens I tend to box it up and when I am in the right frame of mind I take it out of the box, deal with the issue and end the problem but recently everything thing seems to be taking over and I find I cannot think clearly and deal with anything in my normal calm way.

I feel really low and stupid because all I am doing is crying but I don't know where to start in dealing with things in my head to stop this low feeling or who to turn to for help because I don't want to cry all over them.

My partner doesn't know there is anything wrong but I need to tell him as I feel that I am not coping with life at the moment but I don't know how.

Please, does anyone have any suggestions???

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Hi. so sorry you're feeling this way. What you can do is monitor your feelings day by day and even looking back one or two weeks to see how your mood has been and notices any changes. If you find yourself constantly in a low mood and can't escape those negative thoughts that haunt you, then your intuition would be correct. Don't deny it or delay taking any action, take action now! Pay a visit to your doctor, get a proper diagnosis, and work from there. Work on one problem at a time. Don't fret over everything all at once.

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