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Overly stressed

Hey everyone! I hope that some of you can relate to what I'm about to write. Ive been dealing with this feeling of "brokenness" for years now. I have been told since it started that it will get better. It only gets better for a little while just to build up in my system and cause SEVERE like 10/10 stress feeling and panic attack. I feel lost and i think part of it has to do with my family. They do a lot for me, but I feel like they are holding me back in certain ways. My parents are 70& 68 and they adopted me when I was 3 days old. They are wonderful people and parents, but they stress me out. I am very free spirited and non judgmental and due to their older age, they are very judgmental. I am moving out in August so I hope that this helps me! I have tried medications and all types of therapy that haven't been effective. I am currently seeing a therapist and he has helped a bit! This is a vicious cycle that I need to break because its really unhealthy. Ill convince myself I'm fine, but then ill have a severe stress and panic breakdown. My parents really irritate me a lot and i get extremely moody with them, but with everyone else I'm fine. Ughhh. I can't wait to be moved out cause I'm feeling super fatigued and stressed.

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So sorry you feel that way maybe it is best to move out where u can have a better mind set sometimes separating yourself from people and loving them from a distance is better. I know how u feel cause my living situation was similar I recently moved out myself but I hope everything works out for you.



I think when you move out things will get better. You'll have your own space and do what you want to do rather then someone telling you what to do. Keep positive this is an exciting thing and look forward to it :).

I'm interested when you mention the feeling of 'brokenness' what does that mean for you? Is it to do with being adopted or is it something competely different?

Stick with this therapist if he's helping you even if it's just a bit because you never know in the end he might be a really big help!

Lils x


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