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12/8 log

ok well i feel pretty good, woke up about a 2 on the slightly sick feel but after sunbathing and doing 2 sets of 20 pushups outside...i feel lot better coming in side and laying down. Maybe this hawthorn berry might be working not sure....going to continue to take and see. b12 and d3 still works. Considering adding alittle creatine into things...maybe later after i get the consensus on the hawthorn berry. Also been taking pieces of aspirin here and there ...anyways thats the stuff i been doign ...the most effectie of which has been exercise, asprin and b12 i think....d3 is great for mood too. right now my sickness feleing is between 1-2...very minimal...about as good as it has been getting for me. (meaning i dont feel my body is sick at all just have difficulty breathing slightly)

Cant wait till im better and can drink coffee!

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