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Citalopram kicking in

Day 6 of my medication change and I'm finally starting to feel a bit better..side effects of sickness have worn off somewhat now and I am feeling a lot more upbeat....know it's gonna be aslow journey but have a tiny bit of positivity growing inside me.

Just to say anyone suffering at the moment with side effects from medication,stick at it ,,

It's worth it .

Peter x

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Hello Peter

I am really please the medication is starting to benefit you now :-)

You are right in meds can give side effects but really reassuring to hear that if you hold on in there they will pass and you will feel the benefits

I hope it long continues :-)

Take Care x


That sounds to be doing well very quickly. I'm 4 years on and still waiting for benefit.


What does that mean? are u saying its doesnt help ??:(


hiii, i have been prescribed over 30mg of citalopram. does it really work?? I am unable to go out on my due to alot of things. I keep getting angry and spazing out,, should i take it??? is it going to help i dont no..............


Each antidepressant only works for about a third of those using them. Many will also just improve with time. Once you've been through a full course of at least 3 different antidepressants you are classified as treatment resistant. That's me unfortunately.

Citalopram is one of the standard antidepressants used and most people will improve with it, but there is no guarantee! It's not like using insulin for diabetes. Our brains are very complex and individual!

You need to discuss your treatment with your doctor or nurse to decide whether to change it, if you've already given it a few months and not benefitted.

Good luck


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