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Anxiety and postional vertigo/is there a connection?

Reading a lot of posts on here. So about two years back I got a sharp pain down the right hand side of my neck. I woke up in the morning and had vertigo. The doctor said that I had labyrinthitis but it took a year for the positional vertigo to subside. But is there a connection between this and anxiety? I am now off with anxiety and if the previous was a warning to this I really don't want this happening again. Should I bring this up with my doctor? I also now get pulsing tinnitus (worse with stress) and a pulsing noise in my other ear when I yawn/crunch down. Middle name is lucky btw ....

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interesting finding your post as I just posted something similar. I have never experienced much dizziness at all with my anxiety even though its pretty severe, I get light headed at times but this is my second bout of vertigo this year and I don't know whats causing it. I get it when im laying flat in bed and turn my head to the left. Every time. Its causing me sleepless nights cuz I move my head in my sleep and wake up dizzy. Its causing my anxiety to be extra high as well because I cant seem to quite figure out why I keep getting it. I don't believe the two are related but im now going to have to look into labyrinthitis...


Hmm. Funny as I am seeing a CBT and when we discussed this she thinks it was my body warning me to slow down. I am now recovering from a burnout so am wondering if this was just a warning?


It very well could be. I work with kids during the day then was working a night cleaning job and it was destroying me so I quit the one a few days ago. I also am waiting for my period to start and taking the sugar pills this week so for all I know that could be related too! I just don't know but this is like the third time I've had this happen don't know whether I should make an appt with my doc or wait for it to pass it's pretty scary and uncomfortable and I can't get a good nights sleep!!!


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