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Should I have been given Zyban/bupropion to treat my anxiety/depression?

This morning I went to see my doc realising that I need to go back on medication again. (I'm 45 and male btw). I've previously been on prozac (years ago) and citalopram a couple of times. There are things about citalopram which I'm not keen on and make my anxiety worse (such as a decreased ability to reach orgasm) and though it slightly aids my moods it doesnt help me feel motivated etc so I did some research of my own which I explained to the doctor including saying that I'd read about Bupropion and thought it seemed to tick some of the important boxes for me (doesnt affect labido, works well on seasonal affective disorder, helps people quit smoking , which i'm trying to do). I said this mainly so he'd know what was concerning me but expected him to give more of an opinion himself. Instead he simply told me that it wasn't generally given for depression anymore (only as a short term aid to quit smoking) , had a very brief look on the internet then prescribed it for me anyway. I've since found out that it isn't even liscenced as an anti depressant in this country. The box only contains information on using it to quit smoking. Am I being silly to be concerned? Some of what I've read about it makes me think it could potentially work for me but other things leave me totally unsure. Did he really listen to me or just prescribe whatever I asked for without giving it much thought?

I would be extremely grateful for any information/thoughts from anyone with any knowledge of this medication. Please feel free to ask any info that would be useful in you helping me. I really want to feel better again. Thank you for taking the time to read

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