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Today woke up and layed for a long while...finally got up in my chair now and had a peanut butter im on the computer typing my b12 from in mail today...maybe those will help with my problems...since i suspect its neurological to some degree. (twitches, premature heart beats, ect...seems pretty neurological to me)

I was feeling about a 4.5-5 today on my sickness scale to 10

Right now i feel about a 3.5

update 5:30pm:

ok I did some pushups and jumped up and down to get my blood going some and sure does help me feel better...its weird how my body is...its telling me...lay down ur sick....and exercise seems to help i always known that its rather counter intuitive and hard as hell to make myself workout though. I'm not sure if its because im releasing the neurotransmitter or what....but it does seem to relieve lot of the symptoms...but i cant always workout thats why i stopped and tried to rest more than fight the current. it may be temporary but i feel about a 2.5 right now on my sickness scale...if i can manage to get it to 1-2 always ill be basically normal.

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