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Panic attacks during meetings

This is crazy, but I can't sit or be still or quiet for long where there is people by me and I feel trapped. If I'm not talking I'm obsessing in the meetings that I'm going to pass out and embarrass myself in front of people who look up to me in the professional world. I start to feel like I have ants all over, my heart races and my mouth dries. Then I feel dizzy like I'm going to black out. I usually walk out before the meetings ends and of course I feel stupid. I have been trying to help myself by relaxing, meditating, learning about my new experiences, but I am curious what else I can do. I'm hoping someone here gives me a good tip and helps me. Please help me.

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Hello! I am wondering if you ever found any helpful solutions to your problem, as I am currently experiencing the same symptoms


Cristina554, something that is always with you will help immensely. Deep breathing. It takes practice until it comes to you so automatically that you don't have to think about it. You are most likely shallow breathing when in those meetings. As it continues, symptoms appear and start multiplying until you feel so overwhelmed that you need to walk out. The fear that we may embarrass ourselves should we pass out is a very prominent fear of fear phenomena. Practice when at work while watching tv, driving to work, shopping etc. It is my constant companion.


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