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Is it anxiety?

(At first i am sorry for my english ) Well here is my problem... I'm 19 years old ... I left my house to get a job with my boyfriend but just for economic reasons not like getting married or something, just casual ... I have an amazing relationship with my parents and before i left them i had a serious panic attack... I fell down i thought i was dying ... Well i struggled one week after that and i calmed myself down with the right thoughts and everyday i was telling" hey it can't kill you relax.. If it can't then let it happen i don't care "

So that's my record ... Now it's been 2 months since the incident.

This week i feel unease when i breathe , my chest feels like it is heavy , i get tired , i can't sleep cause i can't breath, i'm dizzy... I also cry very often because of these feelings ..

Is it anxiety again or should i go see a doctor?

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I feel the se way all the time your not alone... Anxiety can do horrible things to you mentally and physically all we can really do is think positive... I hope you feel better!


Thank you very much really :) i won't say i'm happy that i'm not the only one though ... I m just tired of all this ... All this thinking ... And since it started getting physical i have more crazy : "i must be sick or i m dying or my heart has a problem" ... My mind will blow up... I wish i was more carefree ... And not trying to fight demons in my head ... Really, how is a person supposed to do this all day and everyday...?


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