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Please help

I've been suffering with anxiety for nearly a year since I left my husband of 22 years. Last night I had a bad broken nights sleep then all day I have had chest pain, back and neck pain with pins and needles and tingly feelings in my face, head, arms, legs and feet (none of this is unusual). I went to bed at 11 tonight and it is now 12.30, I have woken up and I'm wide awake feeling quite unwell, I have a weird feeling in my right Arm and hand, the best I can describe it is a dead tingly pins and needles feeling it is quite painful, (almost like when u sit on your foot and when u put weight on it, it hurts with painful tingles. )My doctor says my muscles take most of my anxiety as they are always so tense in my back and neck. I've also had 2 different feelings today that are freaking me out, i woke this morning with a pain in my face on the left side by my nose under my eye, it felt like something was crawling on me, buzzing feeling on /under my skin, the other feeling was on my right side under my jaw, it felt like something was pulling backwards towards my neck like an elastic band. I am getting quite distressed and thinking the worst tonight, I have one of those pulse things u put on your finger and my pulse Is normal, my temp is also normal. My arm is still painful now but not as tingly anymore.

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Hello there,

I'm sorry you have been feeling this way recently, and my best advice would be to call 111 and take their advice if you are worried the physical issues won't subside.

Another tip would be to simply try and calm yourself, focusing on breathing in and out and sounds around you are simple and good at switching your concentration from your panic.

Hope you get some answers or some sleep




I agree with StagAndHare.

I also keep most of my tension in my muscles and I also get a "jumpy" chin or "twitchy" eye at times. The "jumpy" chin for me is when the muscle in my chin just starts moving on it's own. I take nice slow deep breaths and it usually settles down. My "twitchy" eye feels like my eye muscles are rapidly moving like I am blinking really fast, but when I look in the mirror the muscle isn't moving. It again is caused my stress and I have to do something calming for it to stop.

I use relaxation cd's to help me relax. you can get some nice relaxation/meditation music on the internet or if you have a nice calming cd at home play that it may help.

Hope this helps you.

Take care.

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Hi 20Voices, I had never heard of anyone having the "jumpy" chin. That is something that came on several months ago while driving. When I had oral surgery last week and had to open my mouth, it started quivering until the doctor put a rubber stabilizer in my mouth to keep it open. It doesn't scare me, just annoying. Thanks for sharing.


Hi Agora1, My sister gets affected by this, but it's when things get too close to her face. She can't play badminton, have balloons or insects come close to her face without it happening. Even playing with her dog causes it. She made a post on FB asking why it happened. Her scientist friends came up with hereditary geniospasm as the answer to what it was. :-D It runs in the family as my Mum gets it as well. :-D

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Very interesting. Thanks for the info on that. Wishing you a peaceful day. x


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