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Weird feeling before bed

Hi everyone I found this community while googling (weird sensation when going to sleep). I wanted to know if anyone experience similar feelings. Some nights when I'm trying to fall asleep I feel like my body is not getting enough oxygen and I'm falling into a black pit. It seems like my body is hollow and I have to take deep breaths just to make sure I'm breathing because it feels like I'm not. I feel unreal and detatched from myself. Could this be my anxiety?

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Yes this sounds like anxiety to me. Sometimes as we drift off our subconscious anxiety kicks in the someway your subconscious anxiety hits you in your sleep and panic attacks hit you in your sleep. Keep working on your anxiety and it will get better.


Yes anxiety can play many tricks even whilst sleeping I get the falling sensation its your brain shutting down into sleep mode but your conscious is not ready its why you wake gasping for air, just try to relax get your breathing back to normal dont panick and you'll fall asleep, this can happen several times a night before finally falling asleep because your afraid of it happening again, ow n dont google lol I'm so against that site, googling will only make your anxiety worse, it will turn a broken finger nail into cancer lol if you get my drift lol. Hope this helped I have em all the time. Xxx mandy😊


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