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Twitching Foot

For the past couple days now I've had a twitch in the arch of my left foot. Of course I google the symptoms and everything says ALS! I sit at a desk all day and my legs just feel achy, no pain but just restless and my foot feels like its buzzing inside a little, I feel it even more at night laying in bed. Plus I'm getting random twitches in random spots on my body. Just another crazy symptom after 4 months post-partum :( has anyone experienced this?? will it go away????

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Yes I experience twitching in various parts of my body but mainly legs. I also feel buzzing in my feet at times and it's usually one foot it switches between feet.

I also have achy legs at times but that's usually before my period is due. All my symptoms started at 3 months post partum I am now at 15 months post partum and Im still suffering but it's much better I am having longer periods of good days, however I'm still always worried that my symptoms are from something other then anxiety and I think that's what's holding back a full recovery.

Hope you feel better If you need to talk or have any questions about my post partum experience please don't hesitate to msg me.

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