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Leg and foot tingling

Not sure if this is anxiety related or another health concern.. Any advice would be appreciated. I was suffering with severe anxiety for a month and eventually went to the cardiologist. He put me on Atenolol to treat my anxiety which is caused by my heart condition which is Mitral Valve Prolapse. Since starting this medication my anxiety is mostly gone but I am now experiencing sharp stinging-like leg pains if I stand up suddenly, i get this same feeling in my foot if I stretch it out or move it a certain way, also I landed quite hardly on the ground after climbing out of my friends car I also experienced this pain. Anyways I have not experienced something like this before I'm not sure it its from the medicine since it lowers my blood pressure, or if I have something else wrong with me. This is starting to feel like a never-ending cycle of different symptoms all the time. Thanks for reading this long story of mine.

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Been having the same for around the same time and yep my feet and leg tingling has just started.

This is such a strange thing. Who would of thought that our minds could cause so much physical damage.


Its so strange and overwhelming!


Hard isn't it.

It'll get better tho I promise


I'm going through the same mine just started a month ago an it's very weird..


Anxiety messes with your nerves that's for sure. I experience the same things. Just recently someone in my family was very sick so that brought on anxiety for me and a pinched nerve in my lower back (sciatica) and after the sciatica I developed numbness on my lower right side of my back (my butt and thigh area). So yes anxiety can really mess with your nerves. I've also noticed when I stress, get angry, frustrated or anything that puts me off I get this pressure in my head and face, I also get this tingling on the right side of my head, tingling in my face, etc....anyway yes anxiety and nerves go together and it's awful honestly. Good luck and just keep telling yourself it'll pass.


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