Ok I'll try to be as concise I can be. So please stay with me.

I am 24 male, was a chronic smoker for about 6 years, recently quit smoking 6 months ago.

I had an episode of really high heart rate one night approx 6 months ago. Went to the hospital. They suspected it to be a heart attack. Did an CAG (Cardiac AngioGram), which came out normal. Also a 2D echo, which came out normal too. I was declared cardiacally fit and asked to leave.

2 days ago, the episode returned.The condition was, I was dancing for 2 hours straight with some breathers in between, and i fainted suddenly and woke up sweating and with a high heart rate. I was taken to the hospital and an ECG was done, which gave unusual reading at first (I don't have the heart rate count, but it was around 200), and the second ECG was absolutely normal. I was asked to visit a cardiologist. Which i did, and after looking at the ECG, they suggested to do the 2D echo again. Which was normal again, but the said i had a DILATED LEFT VENTRICLE. Which I am sure has something to do with me being a chronic smoker earlier.

They still are not sure what could be the cause, hence they have asked me to go for a CARDIAC MRI, and a few blood tests further including MONTAUX test, and something to check my ACE LEVELS. The doc was suspecting it to be a VT disorder, and I am really freaking out now. I wanna know how likely is this to happen to me. I am really freaking my ass out here. Sorry for the language. Also, the docs have prescribed a beta blocker, I don't remember the name to. I will update the name in my lunch break.

I wanna know if I will have to live with this my whole life? Or is it normal to be prescribed a Beta blocker?

Also if there is anyone out there who has the same issue.

I started off thinking this would be anxiety, but now, the issue is going out of my hand. Please anyone, just make me feel better. Or worse, let me know if this is what i suspect it is, a LQT syndrome or a VT disorder.



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  • I don't know much about it. I know they put me on a beta blocker for heart palpitations. I still have them but not as bad or as frequently. I hope you get the help you need. Hang in there!!! I know it's not easy!

  • Smoking really harms your body but even after you quit your body can repair some damage you inflicted on your body but it will take time. Make sure you let your doctor's know that you were a chronic smoker and have just recently quit. This is important information for them to know. It is good you are having all these tests. Hope all comes back normal. Smoking affects your heart, lungs and other parts of body. Beta blocker helps heart palpitations. Take them. Your doctor prescribed them to help you. You did go to doctors to get help so follow their advice. Congratulations on quitting smoking.

  • thank you so much for the input. I really was looking for some words like these. It makes me look positive.



  • Hi there, yes it is normal for beta blockers for rapid heart beats, i have been taking them for some time now,and they help me ,try not to worry, easier said than done!! good you are being seen to by doctors, may take some time to pin point your problem, but lets hope it will be soon,good luck, good you gave up the cigs,best wishes.

  • Thank you so much for the input. i really appreciate it. :)

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