I think I am going insane

So I went into my bathroom and stared in the mirror. I literally felt like I was staring at someone else. I didn't feel like it was me. I got super creeped out because a few days ago I was staring at my hands and they felt foreign and strange. And further before my feet felt the same. I feel foreign and weird and I can't feel my head and brain. Like there is a tight band around it and my eyes. I feel I am dying and that I have some serious mental disease. Can someone help? 😭😭😭


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4 Replies

  • I'm really young but I understand how you feel u need to just relax maybe excersie go for a jog take your mind of it you have nothing wrong with you it's all in your head

  • Anxiety and disassociation. You are not mad or going insane believe me! It is depersonalisation also - severe anxiety does make the brain do strange things. When I look at myself when anxious my face seems to shatter - creepy but nothing to worry about it. I get ocular migraines and my face seems to separate when I am getting one. Scary but not dangerous believe me. You are fine.

  • I have depersonalization I know. it's just not going awayyyy. Omg that sounds pretty terrible. I Hope you get better :(

  • Please could someone read my

    Let on my profile and help me out thanks

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