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Once again

Hi everyone hope you are all better than how I'm feeling now. Once again my anxiety is showing its ugly head I've had a break for sometime but now it's back with the most feared symptom I'm afraid of the skipped heart beats I know its my anxiety but yet I'm still afraid. I have been pretty stressed lately and I've just had a newborn he. Is one month now so the lack of sleep and stress migjt be the cause I'm hoping it is. Any suggestions on how to cope?

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First Congratulations on the arrival of your Son :-)

I remember well the lack of sleep and all the hard work that comes with a newborn and there is nothing worse than lack of sleep to knock us of track and let this anxiety creep in which as you have said you know that is what is happening

You really need to take extra care of yourself , it is so early since your Son arrived very early days and you need to eat well , rest whenever you can , when he is having a nap try and have one to , leave anything else it will still be there when you have had a rest ( no magic fairies will come along and do it for you :-/ ) but it is really important that you take care of yourself , I know the baby comes first but we can forget we have to come a close first to and I am sure that this will subside again , see it as a little bully trying to worm it's way in because it can see you have something so precious despite what it has put you through and don't allow this anxiety bully to spoil all the lovely times you have ahead of you will your wonderful Son

Also any help , parents , other half , friends , take any offers that may come your way to have a little break and don't think you have to do it all , I would think I was Super Women and all it ever did was make me anxious trying to be

Take Care and keep updating us how you and your little family are doing :-) x


Thank u so much at times I find it so hard to actually leave the chores and get rest I really need to take your advice because I'm feeling so overwhelmed because I'm trying to do it all 😢


I was just the same so I know how it feels and now they are all adults I look back and could kick myself , I could have saved myself so much anxiety and enjoyed them as babies so much more and now they have all got their own homes ( expect my Son ) I realize what everyone used to say was true , you won't get these years back so enjoy them :-)

You will feel overwhelmed if you are over doing it , do you know they say when a women has had a baby it can take up to a year for her body to go back to normal , think of all the hard work it has had to do over the last 9 months and if you look at it that way you might be able to accept it is entitled to a rest !

A content Mum is a content baby so trying to do to much will not make your Son think ( even though he is to young to think ) but he won't feel more loved because you are trying to be perfect , he wants a rested Mum :-)

If anyone calls and they comment or look because you have not done everything pass them the hoover and tell them to crack on :-D

Took me years but I know now no one gave me a medal for trying to be the perfect Mum with the perfect house all it did was wear me out and no one will give you a medal either , so try really hard , a quick wipe over the surfaces , a quick hoover if there is any bits on the floor and then just concentrate on you and your baby :-) x


Awww thank you soooo much I'm definitely taking your advice 😆

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