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Neck & Head Pain

I have been suffering from neck & head pain now for approx. 10 weeks, its really getting me down and want go away. I have had 4 Chiropractor appointments which I had to pay for and now had 1 physio off the NHS, I am due another one Wednesday this week, It is now keeping me awake. My GP and everyone else is telling me its probably just a muscle problem but I can help thinking its more than that. I have asked if I can have a MRI scan but GP said it wasn't necessary. Is it common to suffer for this long with treatment for this problem. I suffer from anxiety too and take Fluoxetine but am now waking in the night having really panic thoughts.

Has anyone experienced this problem and how long did it last?

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Have this problem constantly with my head and neck I convince myself it's a brain tumour daily it's very draining, hope u feel better soon xx

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Yes, exactly Naddy, have you had any tests and if so what have they done? If only I could have some tests I would fell better at least knowing xx


Hi, I have the same problem. My neck on the left hand side has been causing me pain for a few months now & it goes up the back of my head. Some times it feels like pressure. It's terrible at night I'm hardly sleeping. My doctor has sent me for physio, starting tomorrow. I too have worried that it's something worse x


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