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Panic attacks.. what causes yours? And what helps you through it?


I went 2 weeks without having a panic attack. I had 2 full weeks of happiness, 2 weeks of feeling alive, 2 weeks of control of myself again I guess you could say. Today the dreaded darkness returned out of no where; I started shaking, my pulse went up and the panic set in and tears started flowing all because I had a cramp in my leg. I've found that any kind of pain sets off my anxiety even a stubbed toe can make it happen. Pain is definitely my number one set off and it sucks because you can't control that. What helps me get control back over myself is things that are cold. Such as sitting on an air vent or eating ice or turning my pillow to the cold side lol. I'm just curious if any of y'all know what causes yours? And what helps you get through it?.

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I am the same. It's called health anxiety. I am terrified of pain and terrified of Panic attacks so vicious circle it is. Have you been in extreme pain any time in your life and had no control over it? What you have to do is defuse the situation. Not as easy as it sounds. Cramp in your leg, just say its only a cramp I'll live. It's not the end of the world. Then when the negative thoughts come just tell them no it's only a cramp and nothing to worry about.

Take in the cramp sensations and tell your self the sensations are because of a cramp and everything is OK.

You can apply this to anything.

Meditation is good, try this website

Hope this helps

Take care

Hi.... Yes I'm the same.... I get like trapped wind in my right side, in my chest and it always sets off my anxiety. I had it pretty much all day saturday which sets off my anxiety even when its gone, and then Im back to dealing with it!!

I'm sorry I cant really help with any helpful tips to help you get through, but I just thought Id say youre not alone!!

Take care xx

Oh I've been there too so you're not alone. My doctor told me that it can often help to have one of those battery operated hand held fans that cost a pound in your handbag as cold air flow to your face can reduce the panic attacks. It works for me a bit. Not a solution though, but a little help. Keep your chin up.

When I'm sick , and never had a bad illness in my life. But I hate been or feeling I'll.. But don't worry at least you know what makes the better cooling yourself down , I'm same fresh air does great for mind so I try exercise as offen as I can , but these little set backs your having are normal , just don't be frightened by your panic attacks the next time when you feel on coming on sit in a chair and let it wash over you, its not the panic attack you fear its the sensations that come with it , heart palpitations , shaking , dizziness what ever your symptoms maybe. So just say I know these feelings I'm not afraid they can not harm me , the less you fear the less of a treath they are , good luck x

Thats the cause of my anxiety and panic attacks if i feel somethinh in my body it goes from happy to sadness in a flick of a finger...

I can be completely fine for days or even weeks the out of nowhere anxiety and panic will Set in. Not even sure why. Then other times if I get a pain anywhere it causes me to panic. I try to distract myself during panic and anxiety. If I can focus on something else for a few minutes it usually helps a good bit.

Mine 2......... when I have a wind, a headache, my veins are standing out from heat or I feel like I am getting a cold. I have 0-100 overthinking. My mind automatically thinks the worst..... Cancer, Heart attach, brain tumor........ This is so sad and scary at the same time. You know everything is fine and all of a sudden you have this rush.

I am fairly new to all of this (3 months now) and I am also searching for remedies, tricks, help, things to eat and not to eat. I do drink alot of water with ice in so that I can feel the ice turning in my mouth. I also have been drinking an "old Indian remedy ''1 tbls honey 1tbls lemon juice and 1tbls ginger'' 3 times a day and it really helps.

may you all feel better and may we all find peace and happiness and live a happy life full of joy.

regards: G

you know I thought it was all me, or all in my head when it came to running to something cold to calm me down. when my anxiety starts to creap up on me i instantly go to my room turn on the fan and no matter how cold my apartment may feel the fan and the feel of an ice pack on my neck makes me feel much better. I did find something that makes me feel a lot more at ease and in control. I downloaded an app called calm it's so relaxing specially in moments of an attack. I myself pray so much so god can help all that negativity that doesn't belong to me (anxiety) go away. I tell myself I'm covered with the blood of Jesus and no weapons formed against me shall prosper. get yourself a head set everytime u start to feel this way go outside start walking turn ur focus on your surroundings rather then the pain that made the attack come to bother. focus on the birds all the different colors around u, it may sound silly but it helps with rewiring your mind into you taking full control again. Iam still learning how to maintain that control hopping and trusting in god that I will succeed because I CAN AND YOU CAN TOO.. don't be afraid fear is the main thing the enemy wants to put in our minds but know that God is with u and he will protect you. nothing will happen to us. ones we learn how to be in control ones more less and less anxiety attacks will come. I'm a Christian I believe in god I don't know what your believes are but it's completely okay just breath trust that u will be okay no matter what feeling or pain you may experience. download the app and also meditate it's so relaxing and it helps to get out of the rutine that we have programed ourselves to live by, Well I told myself it's time for a change switch things around and live, laugh more and search for that one spot that makes u and helps u keep happy at all time. I'm battling with anxiety but my faith and my god is bigger and above all things.. ill be praying for everyone that feels this way HAVE FAITH!! and tell me how the app worked out for u take care hun and god bless ♡ 😙

Oh I know what causes it. When the day begins, waking up at the same time and feeling terror. Shaking, crying and that unrelenting feeling of fear in my upper stomach. Getting up and moving around helps some but not really. Blood pressure is high when I first get up. Even though the fear may settle down some around noon, if I am forced to go out to an appointment or even just the thought of keeping an appointment, my head fills up, I shake and whimper and feel spacy headed and scared while going to a doctor's office. I don't feel secure until I get back in my home. Then, I reach for a chocolate bar which calms me done. :)

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