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Had a bad day today

Hi all went to work today and had a really bad panic attack my chest went tight I couldn't breath shaking so I went straight to a & e they took me straight in had ECG checked me all over said I was fine it was just my anxiety beacuse I've not got to see the mental health nurse for weeks the doctor told me to go to my doctor and ask for medication to calm my anxiety so the doctors percribed me with CITALOPRAM 20 mg any one else been on these would like to know if there any good thanks.

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Hi hi. I have been taking that dose for a few months now. I take it mid/late afternoon, and it helps me maintain a healthy sleep pattern. It took approximately 4 weeks before I really noticed any significant improvement, however, I practiced healthy living (regular excersize, yoga, meditation, DIET, swimming), found my tribe, and these days I couldn't be happier. Some days are trickier than others...... But instead of waking up with feelings of impending doom, or worse - my days are fabulous, or beyond fabulous. I have learned what triggers my anxiety, or panic. What do I need to do? Drink water, eat a nutritious snack. Meditate! Stretch, breath. Breathe some more. Spend time with friends/family/pets. I like to have a bit of a routine. I have a cup of coffee - maybe two, and no more caffeine rest of day. Lots of water, and herbal caffeine free teas. After coffee I meditate, then yoga. xoxo

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