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Cronic pain is it anxiety ?

Hi i am at my whits end i have had like a stitch like feeling under right rib for about a year feels like there is sumthing there. right ribs in pain my back hurt burn .left shoulder neck pain the moment my left side of tummy feels like dull .i have been docs had blood .test chest xray .ultra sound all came back ok apart from bit of fatty liver .my father had lung cancer last year which they sorted and was really good to him he still with us thank god..i always seem to be looking for solutions on google but it scares me as the syptoms i put it come back with all sorts .i just feel like my whole body hurts every day i feel fine when im around people then i start thinking about the pain and it gets me worrying and gets worse. 1 doc prescribe anti depression tablets i havent taken them .i just feel like something is spreading all round my body .have lost weight not eating nowhere near like i used to .does anybody else have these symptoms ?? Could all this really be down to worry anxiety etc .?? I have spent £600 on chiropractice still there .im so worried.

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