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Am I really having panick attacks

So... I have been to the Er three times this weeks with chest pain, fatigue and pain on my whole left side. First it was my arm then it was my leg. Everytime I go they tell me to leave because I have anxiety attacks. I just move and everything has change to the point I had to leave my job and go back to my parents house because of this. And today I went to a local doctor and told me to stop going to the doctor because I have severe anxiety that I should visit my phycologist. The thing is I don't feel I am having anxiety or a panic attack. Is this normal?

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Hi yes this all part of anxiety what I've realized is you doubt everything so of your Dr says anxiety you convince yourself something else is wrong even when you've had tests done and been checked over...I went to a&e few weeks back as couldn't breathe and felt like a tight sensation round my neck I was convinced I was dying...luckily the a&e department were very caring and did loads of tests on me all came back normal...but when I went home I rang drs next day and ask for a second opinion as I was convinced I was still dying...that was 3 weeks ago I still have the tight sensation but I now know I get it when I'm anxious... I've had pains in my stomach legs arm chest and headaches and a few times I've thought I'm dying but after reading symptoms of anxiety I know that's what it is....od something was seriously wrong hun you'd know by now. Hope this helps xxx


You have health anxiety as your doc say, there is nothing to worry about that you will be find with proper medication and exercise.

I have had the same problem but now I feel quite well with the meds and proper care.

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Yes it can be just anxiety. I just went through all the same stuff. I was so scared I has ms or something crazy like this. It stole my summer away but I will not allow it to still another day from my life. It took a lot of Dr's to convince me and a ton of test. I think sometimes it's easier to accept we have a horrific disease like ms then to except it's our minds that need the treatment. Treat you brain my friend regardless if it's counseling or meds what ever gets you on track. There is nothing to be ashamed about i can't tell you how many people are going through the same thing you are i am one of them. Hang in there


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