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Panic disorder

Anyone with panic disorder can you explain how you feel every single day i feel like I'm suffering and constantly thinking I'm gonna die and that nothing will ever help me I keep thinking maybe medication will help but what if it doesn't work and I'm tortured by this for the rest of my life. I'm constantly thinking I have nerve damage or having withdrawals from ativan that are gonna kill me even though my doctor told me it wasn't I still don't know what to do. :(

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Hi McKay, how long were you taking Ativan for and how muc. Of it if you don't mind me asking ? Also have you tried natural supplements yet ? Calms Forte by Hylands and a multivitamins consult with your Docotor before anything ... Hope you feel better God Bless ...


2 weeks .5mg haven't tried natural supplements yet I'm so scared I have the emptiness in my head chest pain and body shaking like idk what to do everyone's saying it's just anxiety but I feel like it's more


K im feeling the same without the body shakiness but I get the tingling numb feelings all over my body ... it's prob a bit of withdraw cause I'm going through the same symptoms as f my head wants to shut off and I'm having shortness of breath

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