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Night Time and Random Fears

Hello, everyone. I've been doing pretty well for a while now. Every once in a while I get kind of psyched out about sleeping, as I am afraid that I will die in my sleep, but for the most part I have been fine. Tonight is a rare night in which I am terrified to lay down and go to sleep. I've had a bit of a strange taste in my mouth (I imagine it is my acid reflux, but the mind wanders...), and I can't help but look inside of my mouth and think that it looks strange. I just want to sleep. Any reassurance/guidance would be appreciated.

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not sure if this will help but it worked for me.

i used to think i would stop breathing in my sleep all the time..

so i tried a fan blowing on my face and it worked i thought the fan would make sure i had enough oxygen!! mental i know but hey its anxiety! may help you...just a thought x


Hello this post could of been written by me, i am exactly the same hense why still up at 2:26am...ive started leaving the light on when i go to bed now and usually read a magazine or book before bed (no horrible storys though) and it seems to help a bit some nights are betters then others.. But im usually not alseep until early hours in the morning...i dont really know what else to suggest other than remember its just a fear and the more you get scared the more your anxiety will be stronger so just accept the horrible thoughts like okay if thata going to happen let it...its hard i know but if you give into your fears they will be less scary as they have no importance.... Just remember it may seem important but its just a fear and how many times have you gone to bed thinking it but then woken up in the morning and say to yourself you were fine in the day but as its bed time fear kicks in. Hope that helps? Xx


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