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I know it's not healthy to Google symptoms but let me just say this... if I never googled my symptoms then I would have never heard of H Pylori and I would have never asked to be tested. I would've just believed my Docs when they said I'm depressed and anxious which causes acid reflux.

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Yep. I would have never known my symptoms are from anxiety either!!

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Yes some things on google can be a bit extreme hahaha but at least it gives you some sort of direction. We know our bodies and we know when something is not right.

Peacewithin1, I never Google but I go straight to the medical sites where I can usually find what I am looking for, I'm glad you did find out about H Pylori. I believe that we must be are own Advocates. This definitely worked to your benefit. I hope you will feel better soon. xx

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Thank You Agora1. I'm truly grateful that's for sure.

Good for you, I've always believed Google can be used to provide remedy and reassurance not just further worry.

Yes I totally agree!

Had you been tested and have it?


Peacewithin, and by getting rid of the H Pyloris you will never get an ulcer. Although I always say believe what the doctors tell you and if you're not happy get a second opinion there are times when the system doesn't work and you had a gut reaction (no joke intended) that it was more than reflux and you researched it and came up with the real cause and did something about it resulting in the treatment you need. That was well done.

Thank You. I Appreciate it! I heard ulcers are no fun, I'm going to stick with.the meds no matter how uncomfortable I feel.

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