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I need help and I'm constantly scared !!

I'm 17 years of age and I'm constantly in and out of hospitals due to heart concern and panick attacks. I've been dealing with anxiety for almost a year and Its driving me insane! I rarely get up from my bed because everywhere I go I feel weak and dizzy. I tend to get dizzy when I think about things. Im in constant fear that there is something medically wrong but every time I go there is nothing wrong. Does any one else experience this and how do you deal with it if so ?

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Yep. Same age when my anxiety strikes. I always think i will have heart problem, brain tumor, stroke, and colon cancer. Now im 19 still have this worry. I go to my gp 2x in a months, To sure nothing is wrong with me. Btw wer u from?

R e l a x :)


Im from Houston Texas


It's hard I know


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