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Hi my names martina live in dublin have terrible problems wit anxiety feeling of choking all the time sometimes panic can't even swallow on top of other problems I'm sure people don't want to here toilet problems I went docs today as taught I was having a heart attack he done loads of bloods and sent the off because I'm losing weight but the choking thing is Scarry I wish I could just get bk to normal I also asked for something to relax me my whole family is falling apart because of this I just wish I could get bk to normal as I keep thinking I've cancer and it would break my heart to leave my family behind I do smoke and have to get the willpower. To give them up as Im being selfish but it feels as if all I have someone please give me some advise


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  • Hello

    I did feel for you reading your post , I could relate to when I was at my worse some years ago to how you feel

    In fact I had some anxiety a few weeks ago and I know what you mean about the toilet problems that anxiety causes which usually is irritable bowel when we have anxiety but you are running back and forth every two minutes and the more you worry the more you keep needing to go ! but it is very very rare that it would be cancer as there are other symptoms you usually would have to and please do not go Googling them or you will frighten yourself to death

    If I were you I would get these tests done , I am sure they will all come back clear but it will give you peace of mind and then you need to get your Doctor to seriously either discuss medication or some kind of Counselling or even both , but take one thing at a time and deal with it including your smoking don't try to stop everything all at once , put them on a list of what you want to achieve I would imagine it would read something like , get my health checked out , then deal with my anxiety , then maybe stop smoking but if you put to much pressure on yourself all at once we can find nothing gets dealt with , take things one at a time and we can achieve our goals and you will do to :-)

    Keep talking on here as people will understand how you feel and it helps in a small way to know you are not alone :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thank you so much for your help and your time;-)

  • Hi Martina. After reading your post I just felt I had to say Hello. If you could tell your doctor how you are feeling and how worried you are he may be able to refer you for counselling. You may have access to an organisation called Talking Therapies which are self referral and very very good. Having someone outside the family to talk to and offload your worries to is important. Take care x

  • kimmy I'm waiting for counciling it's great to be able to tlk cause this is tearing my family apart

  • I do know where your coming from. Anxiety and worrying can cause huge rifts in relationships. No matter how much they try - they'll never understand what we're going through.

    Counselling is a huge help to me. hope it helps you too x

  • Thank you

  • I understand what u are going through do you get to palpitations

  • Sometimes not all time I heart is up in my mouth but mostly feeling of choking

  • hi martina were here to listen to you were all adults and have some of the problems you describe its not for us to judge but to listen and try to help others ! it sounds like your doctor through doing the blood tests is trying to put your mind at rest but you need to take on board what he tells you and hopefully you will get better soon ! take care david

  • Hi Martina. Hope your feeling less alone after all the kind people on this site responded to you. Take care xx

  • Hi kimmy not to good I'm at to putting up a post I'm bleeding for three weeks now but am on a pill terrible pains across the top of my stomach my doc wouldn't even check me going bk again tmro feel so tierd and dizzy any opinions please

  • You poor soul. How old are you? I take its period problems? I worry about you so much. Do you have someone who can go to doctors with you? Is there a different doctor in surgery you could see? I so wish I could help you through this very difficult time. If you are bleeding so much I can only imagine your iron levels will be so low which will not help at all. Please do go back to gp - if he is no help - I would seriously go to and e or a walk in centre. But don't go alone. Take someone who knows what your going through and can help you to explain how bad you are feeling. Surely that's what doctors are for? Please let me know how you get on. Im here at any time to message. I will always reply. Kim xx ps can I call you by your first name? only if you feel it appropriate.

  • I had the marine Coil in for 10 years and was put on cerazette. And never bleed but only lately I'm bleeding all time for three weeks don't know whether to stop taking it as I know something is wrong I'm losing loads of weight have trouble swallowing keep thinking food is getting stuck there's only 2 men doc and one women my fella doesn't believe I'm sick works all time just keeps telling me to stop smoking I will do it I hope doc gave me some xzanax that was man doc I don't know what's going to become of me as my daughter is only ten and real close to me I just hope god spares me till she's old enough to mind herself I am 43 25 Oct but I feel about 60 ha you are so nice thank you for your reply as I've Noone to talk to they think I'm making it up but I'm not thanks again for being there

  • You can always talk to me. I am 55 and STILL having periods! I must be the oldest person on earth to be still bleeding.. I only said that to hopefully make you smile. ha It sounds like your husband is just afraid and doesn't know how to help. Please go to your gp tomorrow and demand he helps you. sit in his surgery and cry..... it works honest. I was in my doctors last night for 40 mins... and yes, I bubbled my way through. As much as you feel alone you aren't. I am no doctor, no professional counsellor. but I do have empathy for anyone who is going through a difficult time. I, like many others on and off this site, are have problems with depression and anxiety and we all need understanding and help to get through it. Our families just don't always get it right. But that doesn't mean they don't care.

    Please get the help you need and accept any you are offered. whether its counselling, anti depressants.

    Do you have a special girl friend or elderly neighbour/friend you can confide in or even just have a coffee with. x

  • No unfortunately. Every time I go out I'm getting weak and afraid I'm going to drop on.the ground don't know whether to go to walk in nowcor wait till tmro I'll keep you posted

  • Do what you feel you need to do. Don't let anyone sway you.

    Please do keep me up to date . Kim x

  • So glad you went to your gp and seem to have been listened to and helped. Some great advice given and I hope this helps you to worry less about it. kim x

  • I'll try not ha

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