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Hi, I am new to this site. Just as a introduction ,basically from a young age i have always suffered from what i understand now to be forms of social anxiety. I'm 35 now and have just recently and regrettable left a new job , due to letting this awful condition get the better of me, but it has prompted me to get all help I can , hence joining this site to hopefully talk and be able to relate to people living and dealing with anxiety x


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  • Hello, you are in the right place, lots of lovely people here. Hope you get some good advice :-)


  • Hi

    Everyone will relate on here how you are feeling & I think as you say looking for help you have made a great start joining the site

    As we get to no you more , we will be able to maybe give more advice

    Have you been to see your GP ? as well as the site , there are so many other options open to us , counselling etc which GP can arrange , maybe you don't feel you need that , just a thought

    You are not alone , as you will may have seen from reading the blogs

    Keep talking & welcome




  • Hi and welcome! I too only joined last week was so nervous but It's so supportive and does really help.This anxiety thing is so difficult but with doctors help and messaging on here I hope to deal with it better.You have made a good step in the right direction seeking all the help you can get .I will look out for you on here see how you are doing . Penny xxx

  • Hello. Welcome.

    All is friendly here. I suppose I too have a bit of the social anxiety - but only because I worry about being sick in front of people (like every five minutes, without even feeling sick). I guess everyone has some degree of difficulty with socialising - it's just that some of us have more problems than others ;)

  • Hi and welcome I too am new and joined.only last week everyone is so friendly and helpful and we can all relate to anxiety and the can bring...xxxx

  • Hi welcome to this lovely community I am also new in the last couple of days everyone here is very friendly and can relate to what you have said . I was isolated with this condition for 2years but now I feel not so alone thanks to the people on this site.



  • Hello

    I also suffer with social anxiety and know how it can take over your life.

    Welcome to the site.

    Everyone is understanding on here.xx

  • hey gear, im also new and have been reading the forums a bit.. its crazy how many other people have the same problems and how much it helps seeing their words. will probably introduce myself to the forum more fully at a later date.


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