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Constant heart worries

Hello all , first of all I'm 19 and my doctor says I've been suffering with anxiety / health anxiety now since January but It's only became a problem in May/June . At first I refused to believe all these symptoms could be from anxiety , I've been on propanol ( beta blocker) and now I'm on citalopram 20 mg and have been for 1 month and a half , I've had two ecg one in March and one in June , and I've just had an echo a week ago and all came back fine , I also had blood test in June which was fine , but every single day I get a crushing pain in my left leg which moves up and down the my leg throughout the day and I've had this for two months , chest pains and my left arm is also rather painful and shaky at times and I get short of breathe , I just feel like I can't do anything anymore as I'm afraid I'm going to have a heart attack, All the activities I use to do have all stopped as I'm too worried, even things like fishing I'm scared that between the car and the lake in going to have a heart attack carrying my gear , sorry this has been so long winded but I just need reassurance because I just can't seem to believe my doctors results

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jason anxiety can indeed cause the symptoms you are having you have to work with your doctor ! have you asked for a heart stress test were they get you to run on a treadmill whilst on a monitor that will show whither you indeed you have a heart problem if after this confirms or rules out a heart condition get back to your doctor and ask for some kind of councilling to help you cope better ! i wish you well and stay in touch and let me know how you get on ! david


I can completely relate. As I'm writing this, it's 4am which is kind of my witching hour for chest pains/anxiety. I brought myself to the ER about 6 weeks ago and got a clean bill of health. They did an EKG, chest X-ray, blood work and everything came back fine. The doctor diagnosed it as costochondritis. I just have such a hard time believing that any pain in the chest isn't related to my heart. With all the googling/reading I've done, I know it's possible for anxiety to mimic the symptoms of heart disease. I've been asking myself lately, which comes first. The pain or the anxiety and it always seems to be the anxiety followed by the pain which would make sense of what I'm reading. Sorry to ramble. It sucks in the moment but it does pass and then you just end up frustrated. It's a vicious cycle. I do find comfort in forums like this to see that I'm not alone with my symptoms. Where do you think your fear stems from?


Thanks for the replies, I'm not too sure where the fear is from because as I've said I didn't believe my doctor when he said it was all anxiety at first as I didn't feel anxious in the slightest , I have a pretty laid back life, I guess it all started in January were I had constant kidney issues which cleared up in June and was never resolved but just went away by itself but as soon as that cleared my chest problem poped up, it's like it's a never ending problem , and after my second ecg my doctor said it was highly unlikely to be cardiac and that the echo was just for extra reassurance . I don't necessarily have panic attacks a lot , I think I've maybe had three since June if that but I do have episodes of pain in my chest and arms ,shortness of breathe nearly everyday and I tell myself it can't be cardiac as it wouldnt just pop up everyday when I'm not doing anything extremely strenuous , it's just rather frustrating


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