Been so good for ages now but suddenly bang!!

I have been feeling better than I have in ages just lately and thought things were starting to improve but just one thing and I feel at rock bottom again! It's not fair and I am so angry with everything and everyone. The negative intrusive thoughts are back and I am too tired to fight them. I need to get away I just need things to be ok. Everything has been improving, my moods, my anxieties, my home life, my work life and my relationship with my partner is better than ever after we talked and started again but now I can't be certain anything will stay that way or continue to improve and it's breaking me into pieces. I feel so sad and angry and agitated and me!


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  • Make sure to start Taking ... vitamins and omega 3 fish oil and magnesium speak to your Doctor ASAP get blood test done for everything at once tell to pls not let any blood test undone to check for all possibilities at one time and not over a period ... Eat healthy and exercise a bit .... Keep busy .. Hope this can be of a help at least it will help you out of its just starting again attack back fast and smoothly ... God bless take care and hope you feel better soon.... Also try hylands calm supplements thy sale in Gnc or any pharmacy ...

  • Oh I do know how you feel. In exactly the same position myself. One minute your managing to cope quite well then bang .. Something happens and your back to square one. Two kind people have responded to me and the advice I'm going to take on board is 1. To go back to gp. And 2. Work through these low times and know I'll come out the other side. I hope you have the support from your family and doctor and with their help you can improve and refind inner happiness. I wish that for myself too.

  • Seems like your anxiety has come back, sometimes we can feel good for a while. And then boom here we go again. Go back to gp and tell him how your feeling. You will get.through this you have before love. Anxiety has a tendency to creep up on you with no reason why. Take care xx mansy

  • Thoughts affect our outlook on life. Thoughts and words turn into our behaviour. You can have the life you want by thinking better thoughts. If you think negative thoughts your mind registers this negativity. If you think positive thoughts, your life becomes more positive. Our days can be miserable because of our anxious thoughts. Life is full of change. It's how we deal with it that affects us. You say that everything in your life has been improving so dare to dream and believe. Be hopeful. Let go of the old and receive the new.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply, your messages offer comfort and support. Trying desperately to get on top of this but noticing my behaviour becoming more erratic and I'm struggling to control it. Drinking too much and wanting to sleep constantly I must beat this!!!

  • Don't be worried or angry about setbacks, they are a part of recovery. I went through more setbacks than I can remember on my way to getting through to the other side. Use them as a way of seeing how far you have come, you were that way and got to a better place and it's only because you felt so good that this setback feels so bad. Don't be annoyed and frustrated by how you are now because it will's when you accept the good with the bad that you truly feel better.

    Don't be too hard on yourself, from what I can judge you are doing great :)

  • Thank you thank you thank you. What a lovely,boosting message. Think I will keep that as my motto! 😀 take care.

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