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Hi everyone,

My name is Olivia. I am 21 years old. About four months ago I stopped taking Adderall cold turkey (I had only been on it for about a year). It made me feel strange and anxious while I was on it so I thought that stopping it would help me with my problems. For a couple weeks I felt completely normal. Then as time went on I started to get tired and feel out of it all the time. I went to my PCP and had blood work and a physical done. She told me that everything was normal. I felt so out of it and confused all of the time that I developed severe anxiety. Everything scares me and I don't feel safe unless I am close to my home. I feel like I have become a completely different person. I have hard time going to work and can barely make it through my classes. I feel like I am going crazy. I cry constantly and do not like doing anything that I used to do. I have been back to my PCP and multiple psychologists and they have all told me that my symptoms are due to anxiety. I can't help but think that something more severe is going on with me that may be causing my anxiety. I don't know what to do anymore. This is taking over my life. To me it doesn't make sense that it is all due to anxiety because other than this my life is fine. Can anxiety really be the cause of all of this?

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