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acid reflux

I've been having bad heartburn. These symptoms have been going on for about 6 or 7 months. My chest gets tight, my esophagus is tender to the touch, I have hiccups, I have discomfort when I breathe and so on. I'm getting an endoscopy this week and I hope they can fix this. I don't wish this on anyone. Also, my temples are hurting. Does anyone deal with these symptoms? Also, sometimes I feel like I'll faint , but I never have. My anxiety has been getting better since I got off my birth control shot.

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I also have all these symptoms! I've had acid reflux for I know at least 4 months. I feel faint quite a bit throughout the day but I too have never passed out. every medicine I've been put on has made my anxiety worse. I'm going back to the doctor next week to see what they can do about my acid reflux it's almost constant.


The best thing for acid reflux is Gaviscon, mostly given to pregnant women who suffer from heartburn because of the pregnancy. It is not exclusive to pregnant women though; my son suffers from heartburn almost daily and he takes his bottle of Gaviscon to work with him. It also comes in the form of chewable tablets.


I get heartburn but not so bad.. Just be positive and you will see that they have an answer for you. You are way too young to give up 😄😄

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Im having these symptoms now and ive just been told i have asthma so its paniced me but lastnight i woke with a foul taste in my mouth and i knew it was acid. Reading this makes me feel that im gonma be okay to fly. Yay


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