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Is it Acid Reflux?

Hi everyone, for the past month now I've been getting abdominal cramps and stabbing pains in my ribs, below my ribs, my back, shoulder blades, burning feeling in my back you name it -_- recently got tested for IBS and to my surprise it wasn't that. But for the past week or two along with these symptoms I've been getting chest pains and slight burning in the middle of my breasts and ribs breast bone I'm guessing.. And the feeling like I've got a gas bubble there or something in my throat ita just getting worse it used to be after big meals but now its happening out of the blue I have it right now I'm scared it's something to do with my heart I got taken in the ambulance because my chest pains were scaring me and this feeling is anyone else experiencing this and have been told what it is ? I just know there's something wrong and feel as if my GP isn't helping me quick enough someone please help :-(

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A lot of anxiety sufferers suffer with indigestion & your symptoms do sound like you are & the more anxious you get the worse the indigestion & you can get it between meals as well as just after eating

Have you asked you Doctor if it would be possible to be referred to have the camera down to just check everything is ok , it may give you peace of mind

I had that procedure done as I was suffering & like you I was thinking everything negative , the results were I was making a lot of acid which they believed was due to my anxiety & we get lots of pockets of air & gas causing these symptoms , it helped me a lot to be given the all clear & the indigestion has now settled even though I can still get it back from time to time

I also started taking note if certain foods were making it worse as I find some can &now avoid them

I am sure if your Doctor had any major concerns they would act upon it but our anxiety likes to tell us they may have got it wrong , but it is very doubtful they have x


hey :)

I had the pains, burning and uncomfortable feelings in the sternum, the bone in the middle of the chest.

I still have them now, and I've had them for 7 months now ever since I developed anxiety, although they don't occur as often now, I still do get them from time to time.

I was able to relieve them by stretching and arching out my chest, it made a cracking noise in my sternum and it felt a lot better... although it wouldn't recommend it because now it has become a habit, it did stop the pains for me.

I found that the anxiety did bring on those uncomfortable feelings in the sternum. pretty crazy all the symptoms anxiety can cause.

At first I also thought it was my heart, and I developed health anxiety based around my heart, the slightest pain or sensation I felt would make me go running to the hospital, I've been to the hospital so many times that I've lost count in just 2 months.. I've gotten so many x-rays that my body would be so damaged by the radiation.. if your GP isn't worried, neither should you, trust them, your emotional brain is what's causing you to doubt their professional advice. I know this because I went through it all. and stay off google, that website just feeds anxiety and makes it so much worse.

have you considered taking medication or seeing a psychologist? personally I found that taking medication didn't do much help, I still felt anxious but unable to act out in fear, so it felt like I was in a cage. I see a psychologist once a month and I have never felt better.. it's as if I don't have anxiety anymore, and for that I rarely ever come back on this site!

Hope you get well soon! :)


Hey guys thanks for the replies yeah I'm more concerned with the chest pain I'm having right now. Can deffinetely relate I have health anxiety over literally just got dressed to go the emergency place thinking I've got heart problems right now I just want to ring an ambulance I feel this instant safety being in the ambulance ! I just want to know what's wrong with me I've had anxiety for a while but it's just the past 2 months I feel as if my health's rapidly going downhill. Aaghh heads just not thinking straight


I know how u feel I have the same problem I keep thinking that way as well any little symptoms I feel I think the worse I have been thinking about doing counseling I think it would help I hope u feel better soon.


Hi :-) oh yes ✋have that right now ....chest is burning like it's on fire, pain under my rob cage...I know it's down to excess stomach acid. I take medication daily to try and stop my stomach producing souch acid. I'd agree and have the camera down the throat I've had it done's scary but will confirm it's just acid. It's so scary as it's pain near your heart but could be just the reflux tube behind your heart. Anxiety = more acid from a the stress and worry. Hope you are feeling better :-)


Bless you,

If it the same pain that I get, it can be agony eh and vert scary until you know what it is.

Mine no longer scares me as I've been prescribed a course of Lansoprazole. This has calmed things down beautifully and I haven't had to have a camera exploration.

My symptoms flare up if I've been especially anxious or just before my period (which is just weird I think).

Anyway, this med is on prescription, so ask your doctor if it may be suitable for you to try.

Please try not to call an ambulance unless in a real emergency situation, as it really does take the service away from someone who really will need it.

Until you see your doctor, if your symptoms flare up, drink some lukewarm / warm milk with honey, it'll settle the acid.

Good Luck.


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