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So worried

Hi.i am so scared i have a serious illness i just cant stop thinking about it.i have ad full blood test ultra sound xray but still keep worrying . I have a lump like feeling under my right rib .my stomach feels notted both sides of ribs hurt.Can anxiety really cause all these different pains .i worry from the point of waking .i have saw 5 different docs and all say im fine apart from 1 that prescribed anti depression tablets .can anxiety really make all these symptoms accure. Why cant i stop thinking about it?

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It sounds very much like you are suffering with Health Anxiety and that is why you cannot stop thinking there is something wrong , I no because I suffer even though I have over the years learnt how to control it better

Your Doctors will be right , they are medically trained and so therefore you have to trust them when they say physically nothing is wrong & yes anxiety can make you feel there is but that is the anxiety & how it keeps control over us

You say you were prescribed some meds , have you tried them yet ?

You would benefit from some Counselling to help get to the bottom of how you have got to this point worrying over your health and then getting some support

Take Care x


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